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Jobs Descriptions:

Positions: Defense Lawyer

Exact Location: WPC/FGC-Farah-Afghanistan

Reporting to: Provincial Representative & Senior Legal Advisor

Description: The defense attorney performs all duties and responsibilities under the direct supervision of the provincial representative and senior legal adviser.



The defense attorney will be responsible for complying with all VWO administrative rules and regulations and the donor terms for this project.
Investigate and analyze a case to determine possible outcomes while developing an effective strategy to defend clients in court.
Interpret laws for clients and help them understand their legal options.
Plan to resolve cases as soon as possible.
Represent clients in petitions, hearings, and court cases.
Present evidence to the judge and / or the jury should hear the case.
Prepare and draft legal documents, including legal briefs and appeals.
Consult with family and individuals and resolve their issues. Provide the best possible legal advice.

Arrange family counseling and mediation sessions that address clients’ concerns according to their families.
Conduct defense investigations professionally and actively participate in court hearings to follow clients’ cases.
Connect with all partner organizations and stakeholders to resolve all legal issues and complete legal procedures related to clients’ issues.
Conduct public awareness campaigns and programs, as well as conduct capacity building training for project stakeholders.
Ensure that appropriate sources of authentication, documentation, and resources are used for each activity.

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