Jazz Internet Packages

Job Descriptions:

Expected technical areas are covered as follows:

Access to finance:

Experience in developing credit applications for micro, meso and large loans.
Experience in microfinance matching methods in partnership with the private sector and educational institutions.
Experience working with financial institutions, such as commercial banks, to improve access to financial services for micro, small and medium enterprises, especially women-led or staff.
Background in investment promotion, especially to women-led and staffing sectors.
Experience supporting business people and / or self-employment.


Job Requirements:

Master or equivalent with 5 years relevant experience. Bachelor’s degree with 7 years of relevant experience
Experience working in private sector development and / or experience as a business advisor
Experience working / consulting with private sector firms at the firm level to support development
Knowledge of business and financial operations, strategy planning, investment and risk mitigation returns
Ability to communicate effectively in different cultural environments
Written in English and verbal skills
Proof of leadership ability, competence and integrity, with experience working with individuals in culturally diverse settings

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